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Why is curry more delicious on the second day than it is fresh from the pot?



日本で人気の料理カレーの歴史 “The history of a very popular dish in Japan

Curry is one of the most popular dishes in Japan, along with ramen noodles and sushi. Curry originated in India although it has been adapted and become popular around the world, including in England. It is said that the Japanese navy followed the example of the British fleet, where curry was originally eaten because it could be preserved for longer than ordinary stew. The Japanese soldiers brought the curry recipe back to their homes and it spread from there. There are also some other accounts, such as that Doctor Clark, famous for the saying “Boys be ambitious,” brought a curry recipe to Japan.



日本人独自開発のカレー味 The Japanese have developed their own unique style of curry

The Japanese have developed their own original style of curry using stir-fried carrots, onions, potatoes and meat mixed with curry roux. In the Taisho era House Food Company started selling powdered curry for household use, while during the Showa era S&B started selling solid curry roux. Using solid roux became the norm for Japanese home cooking.



翌日のカレーはなぜ旨い?  Why is curry tastier the next day?

Many people believe that curry is much tastier the next day than it is hot and freshly made. The reason is that the ingredients' flavor, umami and sweetness seep out into the sauce and make the taste more intense. Also the ingredients have more time to mix together creating a mellower and richer flavor. High-grade and expensive boil-in-the-bag curry has become popular these days as have local varieties of curry, such as soup curry from Hokkaido and Spam curry from Okinawa. Let's take a look at how to make a basic Japanese curry.


カレーは、作り立てよりも一晩寝かせたほうがおいしいとされますが、その理由は、具材のもつうまみ成分や甘み成分が溶けだしてコクが増し、素材のうまみ成分がよく混ざり合って熟成が進み、奥深い香りと風味になるからだそうです。 近年ではレトルトの高級カレーなども普及し、北海道のスープカレーや沖縄のSPAMカレーなどご当地ものも広がっています。では、ベーシックな日本カレーの作り方を見てみましょう。

基本的なカレーの作り方  How to make basic Japanese curry

【Ingredients for four】
400g chopped beef
1 carrot, diced
1 medium potatoes , diced
2 medium onions, diced (or cut as per personal preference) (If you have time, stir-fry the onions until they become brown.)


牛肉 400g
ニンジン 1本 角切り
ジャガイモ 1個 角切り
玉ネギ 2個 角切り(または好みの形に切る) (時間があれば弱火~中火で焦げないようにあめ色になるまで炒める)


Optional ingredients】
Add some chocolate to make it rich and mild.
Add some red wine to give it a richer taste.
Add grated apple, or extra onion or carrot. Also honey and Worcestershire sauce are popular secret ingredients that make the curry sweet and mild.
Fry garlic with the vegetables and meat.


*すりおろしリンゴや玉ネギやニンジンを加えたり、ハチミツやソースで 隠し味にしたりしても甘味やコクになる。

Cut the vegetables and meat to the desired size. In a large pot, heat 2 Tbsp. of vegetable oil. Sauté/a> vegetables and meat. Cook the meat until it is no longer pink, and the vegetables until they become slightly transparent. Add water depending on the amount and kind of curry roux. Bring to the boil, and simmer for 30 minutes on a low to medium heat. (If you use a pressure cooker, it’ll take less time and have a stronger flavor.) Crumble the curry roux into the pan. Stir it well and simmer for 15 minutes or so. Serve it alongside steamed rice, and garnish with pickles. If you leave it overnight, it'll be even tastier!


野菜や肉を好みの大きさに切る。 大き目の鍋にスプーン2杯の植物油を入れて温め、肉と野菜を炒める。 肉の色が変わり、野菜が少し透明になったら、ルーに合わせた水を加える。 弱火~中火で30分ほど煮込む(可能なら圧力鍋で煮ると手早く、うまみも出やすい)。 カレールーを割り入れて混ぜ合わせてさらに15分ほど煮込む。 ゴハンの上にかけて、香の物などを添えてそのままいただいてもOKながら、一晩おいて熟成させるとうまみが増す。


Other twists: Add some fried eggplants, asparagus, okra, zucchini, peppers or other vegetables during the summer.




The reason why curry becomes more delicious on the next day is that the ingredients have more time to mix together creating a mellow and rich flavor.




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